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Select new materials of Bluestar Four advantages

Four advantages of selecting Bluestar new materials

  • Years of focus only for better quality Committed to the R&D and production of various new materials

    Puyang Bluestar New Material Co., Ltd. is an enterprise producing butadiene in Henan Province. Now it has a butadiene extraction unit with an annual output of 50000 tons and a rubber latex unit with an annual output of 1 00000 tons.

  • Focus on the production and research Large-scale source manufacturers

    With many years of experience in the production of chemical raw materials, the production room covers an area of 1 0000 square meters.

  • Full range of products with more guaranteed quality Wide range of applications to meet the needs of different industries

    It can be widely used in disposable medical inspection gloves, paper making, architectural coatings, carpets, tires, non-woven fabrics, leather, cement and other industries.

  • Close service and support, so that you have no worries Perfect after-sales service allows you to buy at ease

    We will, as always, provide perfect after-sales service for all sectors of the society, jointly promote environmental protection and cleaning, assign special personnel to visit old customers regularly, listen to customer feedback, follow up and maintain in time, and solve problems quickly!

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    Puyang Bluestar New Material Co., Ltd

    Puyang Blue Star New Materials Co., Ltd. was founded on May 19, 2016, located in the west section of Shengli Road, Puyang City, Henan Province, covering a total area of more than 150 mu, is a butadiene production enterprise in Henan Province, the existing annual output of butadiene extraction device 50,000 tons and annual output of  10万 of latex device each set.

    Puyang Blue Star is a key investment project of Puyang City in 2016. The butadiene device of the company uses BASF technology, which is skilled in safety, environmental protection, energy saving and other aspects. In 2020, according to the requirements of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, our company takes the road of high-quality development and seeks development with firm confidence. Relying on our main product butadiene, we continue to extend the industrial chain and invest in the construction of 10万 tons/year latex project, which has been completed and put into production in October 2021. The device is advanced in China. At present, more than 10 kinds of carboxyl-styrene butadiene latex, carboxyl-nitrile latex and acrylic emulsion series have been developed, which can be widely used in papermaking, artificial turf, carpet, emery cloth, building emulsion ink medium and medical gloves and other industries.

    Puyang Blue Star New Materials Co., Ltd. will continue to focus on the leading industry, extend the industrial chain, enhance the value chain, build a complete system of industrial ecosystem, in-depth implementation of the new development concept, effectively promote high-quality development of enterprises, to build a modern enterprise.

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